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Continuity of leadership has been a feature of 1st Greenock .  Since its founding there have only been 8 Captains!
The Company remained under the captaincy of Thomas Stewart until his death in 1911.  His successor, Mr Peter Lang served until 1926.  It was he who introduced Indian Club swinging to the Company – an activity which still remains a tradition to this day.  The third Captain was Mr John Bently, who served from 1926 until 1934 when he was succeeded by Mr John Edmiston.  The Company remained in his charge until his death in 1958.  Mr Edmiston was a Skipper who, while maintaining the best traditions of the Company, also introduced changes to the programme.  He was renowned as a fine drill officer, disciplinarian and a man of strong Christian character.  Following his death the Company underwent a period of transition with Mr John Law taking over the captaincy for a year, but business commitments prevented his continuing in office and Mr Robin Currie took over as Acting Captain for three years. In October 1962 the Kirk Session of St Andrew's recorded in its Minutes, “General appreciation was expressed of the good and efficient hard work put in by Mr Currie as acting Captain and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Currie by appointed Captain of the Company”. Little did Mr Currie realise then that apart from the founder himself he would be the longest serving skipper of the Company.
Robin retired as Captain in 1993 and was succeeded at that time by J Randal McLean.  Although Randal took on the captaincy on a temporary basis, he remained in post for 13 years until handing over the reigns to the present Captain, David Baillie.  Both Robin and Randal maintain close contact with the Company and are a fount of knowledge whenever advice is sought.
There have also been remarkably few Chaplains of the Company, St Andrew's Church having had only 10 Ministers during the period of the Company's history with a further two Ministers since becoming Ardgowan Parish Church .


1886-1911    Thomas H Stewart 
1911-1926    Peter Lang            
1926-1934   John R Bently   
1934-1958   John Edmiston                 
1958-1959   John A Law
1959-1962   Robin Currie (acting)        
1962-1993   Robin Currie                     
1993-2006   J Randal McLean        
2006-date David Baillie               

1886-1891    Rev Dr J Bonar       
1891-1895    Rev E Fingland
1895-1907    Rev S D Adam
1908-1918    Rev A G
1919-1946    Rev A Urquhart
1946-1954    Rev A J Grubb
1955-1960    Rev W S McColm
1961-1963    Rev D Livingstone
1965-1976    Rev A Steven son
1977- 1991   Rev I W Black
1992-1998    Rev J Cowan
2002-2010 Rev Alan Ward
2011-2014 Rev C Ian Johnson

2016-date Rev Owen Derrick


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