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Over the years since the Company's founding there has been evidence of a continuing awareness on the part of those associated with it, of the importance of continuity with the traditions of the past in order to foster the ongoing life and also the future of the Company.  This continuity has been the source of the greatest strength of the Company.  It's reputation for drill and discipline has long been evident.  The Greenock Telegraph of 24th April 1912 states of a Battalion Drill Competition, “1st Greenock , from the moment they entered the Hall till they marched off, exhibited a combination of smartness, timing, uniformity and vim which undoubtedly entitled it to the top place”. A month later it was stated that the Company lost the drill shield through points being deducted for  “....being two boys short of the requisite number for parade...  These two absent boys are not to be envied!”

The reasons for absence are not detailed, although they could have been many.  There are still those today who can remember being told by older relatives tales of having to hide the pill-box hat en route to meetings of the Company in the Vennel Hall, for fear of being attacked upon recognition as a Member of the Boys Brigade.
Tenacity has obviously over the years been combined with discipline and together they have produced a history of loyalty to and pride in the Company.  The 50th Anniversary was celebrated in the Drill Hall, Finnart Street , on 23rd April 1937 .  The Rev Andrew Urquhart, Minister of St Andrew's and Company Chaplain was in the Chair; and the Inspecting Officer was Rev James Lochore, a former Missionary to the Congregation, and a former Member of the Company.

A feature of the Programme was an exhibition of physical drill with the old dummy rifles which had been discarded many years previously, by a squad of ex-members, a large number of whom were in their forties, led by ex-Lieutenant W Drummond.  The awards at the Prizegiving were presented by Miss Jessie Stewart, daughter of the founder.  Mr Peter Lang, a former Company Captain led the parade of ex-members.  Mr George McLaughlin and Mr Archibald Campbell, two surviving members of the original Company were presented with Boys' Brigade Bibles by the Officers and Boys.  Mr C G Macara was present as the only surviving officer from the original Company.


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